Unlock Alcatel phones by running a code

If someone by mistake locked their Alcatel phone and don’t know what to do. Then don’t worry it can be unlocked just by running a secret code. There are many reasons why the phone got locked. But in most cases, it can be unlocked easily. And, most of the phones by any company can be unlocked. Like if someone wants to unlock Alcatel One Touch or any other Alcatel devices then it can be done easily. The same process will be applied to all Alcatel devices.

If someone is thinking that unlocking a phone will cost a lot of money. Then it is not it will be around 30 to 40$ that’s maximum. Also, if the phone is in warranty period then the warranty will not be damaged also. It is just running code not changing the software of the phone. That it will temper the warranty so, don’t worry about it.

Can the iPhone be unlocked too?

Yes, iPhones can also be unlocked. There is not a single phone in this world that can’t be unlocked. But every company has different rules for unlocking it. So, unlocking the iPhone is completely different than any other phone. There is one thing that needed to address and that is it can’t be unlocked if the iPhone is jailbreak. So, for that, if someone wants to unlock iphone 11 then they have to update their mobile to the latest version. After that, it can be unlocked easily.

How much time it will take?

It depends upon the phone company. Some phone carriers have an easy way to unlock their phone. And, some have the hardest way to unlock it. Like in the iPhone it can take some time. But when it comes to Alcatel it can be unlocked within half an hour. But the overall time will not exceed more than 2 hours. And, that will be a nice thing for anyone.