Know What To Post On Social Media For Easy Marketing

Social networks are dynamic according to white label. At every moment, they reinvent and modify themselves. So, the formats are many. Despite this, it is necessary to carry out tests to conclude which ones bring the best results.

Below, learn about some of the more traditional formats.


Images can serve both as a complement to text and as the star of the post. They have high engagement rates and are a great way to capture user attention.


The video format is immersive and dynamic. According to a survey by Forrest Research, just 1 minute of video consumed is equivalent to 1.8 million words read. So, it’s a great way to delight your followers.


The most used means of content production on the internet, texts are present in most social networks. They must be used wisely, as the internet reader is in a hurry and wants to consume information objectively.


The classic model for directing the user to the desired page, links are handy for turning followers into leads.


Very common on Instagram, carousels are images that alternate with different goals. For example, show followers other options, tell stories or serve as a product showcase.


Also known as collages, this content format yields good results when considering the context of the persona.


Available on Facebook groups and Instagram stories, they encourage interaction and serve as a market research resource.


Very popular on social media, they convey a message through the author’s authority.


The questions encourage user engagement as if there was a dialogue between the brand and the consumer. By the way, if you want more engagement on social media, our golden tip is: ask questions!


Extremely useful to delight and educate followers, their primary purpose is to clarify people’s doubts and establish trust between the company and the user.


Fun and attractive, they generate a feeling of closeness, as they are part of the user’s daily life. Furthermore, they have a high virilization power.


The news and new content bring a sense of emergency to the consumer, who feels encouraged to interact with the publication.


They commonly require the user’s active participation in a post and grant a bonus in exchange for an action.


Storytelling is a format that uses examples and generates empathy in the user. Through this feature, the tendency is for people to be more interested in what the brand has to say.

Build An Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is the primary material of social media planning strategy. In short, it contains the publications that will be carried out later, as well as the dates, times, and other details that may be relevant.

This tool is essential as it allows the organization and scheduling of posts, avoids potential adversities, and enables data analysis.