How to Use Bitcoin for VPS Hosting?

Bitcoins are a relatively a new method of payment using digital currency. They are the most popular kind of cryptocurrencies which was initially launched by Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008. However, many e-commerce sites have not adopted this kind of currency because of its fluctuations and the customers are not protected by the options of chargeback. 

This also shows how careful you should be when selecting a bitcoin hosting provider. You can buy a VPS Hosting bitcoin can help you buy it. The company THC Server is one of the top hosting providers of web hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting that accept bitcoins as payment. They are a safe provider providing these services since 2013 and have been constantly upgrading it to make it better. 

How to safely buy VPN using bitcoins 

The following are some important things that you must consider before buying a VPS or other hosting services with bitcoins.

  • Buy or mine bitcoins: You can own bitcoins by buying them or mining them. You can mine your own bitcoins using your computer and joining a bitcoin mining pool.
  • Search for a bitcoin VPS provider: After you own your own bitcoins, you should find a hosting provider who will accept bitcoins as a payment method. Make sure you choose the correct providers as some providers can scam you into losing your bitcoins. 
  • Verify the provider: The bitcoin hosting provider must be verified as there is no way for a chargeback or refund, which gives plenty of opportunities for people to scam you. So you must do research on ICANN WHOIS and check the information on the domain name of the provider. If they are an established company working for the past few years, you can trust them.


Bitcoins are an easy method of payment, but you must be careful of any scams. If they become more secure, more online shops will start accepting this as a form of payment.