How to Make Money Online: Choosing A Real Internet Marketing Guru

My internet marketing millionaire always told me: “If you want to learn swimming, just find a good swimming coach near your neighbourhood. But if you want to become a world champion in swimming, then you should find Michael Phelps.”

This statement shows how important it is to choose the right internet marketing guru to make sure you are successful in your internet business.

Below are a few questions that you should consider when you are choosing your internet marketing coach.

#1: Is He Real?

You definitely don’t want someone who is actually still struggling in internet business like you to be your coach. You want to REAL person who is already successful not only one time, but many times.

The better choice is, he is a self-made millionaire who started everything from scratch like you.

Google search his name. Read what other people say about him. Study his credential. Is he recognised as super affiliate worldwide? Did he win any award? Does his achievement wows you and makes you willingly to learn everything from him?

#2: Is there Any After Sales Support? Or Is He Easy to Contact?

This question tests how committed is he to teach you in internet marketing. If he is committed, he will provide you many channels to contact him.

Don’t get trapped in to services where you only get some templates to follow and some training materials to study. Then it gives you lots of trouble to contact the coach.

The basic requirement is he must be easily contacted by email and he can reply you promptly. The better choice is you can call him directly or at least contact him through Skype. Phone calling and having conversation from Skype are always much effective communication method than email.