Here Are 5 Great Ways You Can Improve Your Website’s User Experience

Your brand website is at the frontlines of creating your brand image. No matter what sort of industry you are in, whether you are selling products or offering services, people are going to visit your website at the first chance they get, to determine what sort of show you are actually running.

That is why you need to consider every factor, no matter how small, that contributes to the overall user experience of your brand website. You may not realize it but even the smallest things such as poor load time can cause an interested party to leave your website and approach your competitors.

Thus, here we are – we bring you some of the most basic yet critical factors that you need to pay close attention to, to truly enhance the user experience of your customers. So, let’s get started.

Page Load Time

Whenever a consumer tries to access any website, obviously the first thing they encounter would be the page load time. As a result, this is the first thing you need to take care of. If your load time is too long, any efforts presented after that would be of no use.

According to SEMrush, if you need your website to be faster than approximately 75% of the other sites, your page load time should be 1.7 seconds. And if you improve this figure even further, you will probably lie amongst the top 10% in terms of page load time.

Take yourselves for instance, how many times have you stayed on with a website if it took longer than 3 seconds to load? It gets frustrating, doesn’t it?

The ‘Call to Action’ Button Must Stand Out

People want everything at their fingertips nowadays. Not everyone is using a computer to visit a website. Mostly, people take out their phones from their pockets and access the website right then and there.

This leads to the importance of ‘Call to Action’. ‘Call to Action’ buttons enables users to perform certain actions right away rather than searching for the desired information manually and then perform the action such as calling, getting directions, and more.

Your ‘Call to Action’ button should be placed on the website that is conveniently visible and is capturing the audience’s attention. Moreover, you have to consider other factors such as font, color scheme, and most importantly, making use of the FOMO factor i.e. Fear of Missing Out.

Hyperlinks Must Be Highlighted

Another thing that several websites do not pay attention to, is the appearance of the hyperlinks on their website. A hyperlink is supposed to stand out from the rest of the text, shouting to the visitor that this is a piece of text that is meant to be clicked.

Some websites place a hyperlink on the text and it only becomes visible once it is hovered upon. This way not everyone would be reminded of this piece of text. You need to make efforts that show it be clickable whether a person is searching for it or not. Things such as underlining it, changing its color or font are some of the things that can help get the job done.

Proper Image Placement

You may already be using images on your website but placing them smartly is the key. And if you are not using them at all, then you may have more work on your hands. Have you ever heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.”? Well, this is true and it applies perfectly to your website design.

To convince your audience that your website is worth staying on, you need to place your images efficiently. However, you can also not bombard your website with images. Not only will it increase the load time of your website, but it will also leave very little room for the information that you need to provide to your customers. You have to strike just the right balance of using images in your web design.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Next, you need to make sure that your website is fully responsive and compatible across all popular platforms. Times have moved on, people do not always rely on their desktop computers at home or offices to access a brand’s website. They rely on their smartphones that are connected to Optimum Wi-Fi to do this job for them since they desire instant results. For this, you need to make sure that your mobile website is flawless to the extent your desktop site may be.

All in All

There you have it, folks – we have narrowed down a few of the most important factors that contribute to the overall user experience of your website. We are not saying that they aren’t any other factors that contribute to it, trust us, they do. And most important of all, you need a reliable internet service at all times, to keep your website up and running. So make sure to check out exceptional internet plans on the BuyTVInternetPhone platform right away.