Five Celebrities with Huge Instagram Followings

There are many celebrities with large Instagram followings, from Nicki Minaj to Selena Gomez, and their followers are growing every day. Each of these celebs have their own loyal following, while also delivering unique content to their audience in a number of ways.

In order to grow your Instagram following everyday, you need to have an audience that is always wanting more — and this is exactly what we are seeing in the celebrity and social influencer space. This is also why so many of the are buying authentic IG followers in order to keep the new user engagement flowing.

Read on to find out how these famous people got started on Instagram. We hope these examples inspire you to start building your own Instagram account. And as always, don’t forget to tag your friends and family on your posts!

Selena Gomez

It’s no secret that Selena Gomez has a massive Instagram following. This is because the star is very active on the photo sharing platform. She posts a lot of pictures of herself, including car selfies. Recently, she spent New Year’s Eve in Dubai with her girlfriend Gigi Hadidon. The two posed for a series of pictures in Dubai. And of course, Gomez has a ton of side-by-side shots with her mother.

The popularity of Selena’s Instagram account can be attributed to a number of different factors. Her lupus health crisis brought back the limelight to her. In the past, her career has suffered due to the lupus crisis. But this time, she’s been open about her struggles, and this has helped her gain more traction in the media. And in terms of content, Selena is the queen of photos.

Kourtney Hart

The star has a massive Instagram following and boasts an influence score of 89. She has a combined audience of 87 million. Her followers follow her with a lot of engagement, which is a major indicator of her popularity. Hart is also an accomplished stand-up comedian and has earned 15 awards. She recently partnered with the UNCF to donate $600,000 to fight AIDS.

Mindy Kaling

In addition to her work on television, Mindy Kaling is also a mother of two. She is the co-producer of “The Sex Lives of College Girls,” and has a three-year-old daughter named Kit. Her son Spencer was born in the middle of 2020. Her parents are from India. Her father is an architect and her mother is an OB/GYN. Her parents divorced in 2012, when Mindy was just 19 years old.

The star has been showing off her slimmer body on Instagram since January, when she shared a photo of herself in a plunging black dress. Mindy Kaling hasn’t yet commented on whether she’s lost weight, but it was apparent to her fans that she’d been losing weight. In another photo, she was wearing a black suit, sans shirt. Her hair was down, and her makeup was pretty. Her Instagram following is large because of her transparency.

Nicki Minaj

One of the most popular rappers on Instagram is Nicki Minaj, of course. Despite having a fierce persona, Minaj’s IG account is filled with images that are both feminine and sexy. Nicki Minaj’s photos are so high quality that some fans might wonder if they are actually real. The rapper has an expansive and diverse following. She shows off her amazing body curves and is known for her unique fashion sense.

The singer, rapper and actress has a large Instagram following, and she’s not alone. Minaj recently celebrated her 39th birthday by posting saucy pictures to her account. Her bio lists her name as “Barbie,” and the photos are a colorful explosion of content. You’ll find photos, videos, carousel posts, and more. And she also posts to her followers’ timelines.

Kevin Hart

In addition to having a large Instagram following, comedian Kevin Hart has several projects in the works. His upcoming movies include Borderlands, Back on the Strip, My Own Worst Enemy, and Uptown Saturday Night. He has also released comedy albums. Moreover, he is working on his third Ride Along film, which is based on the world’s most popular board game. His fans have come to love him, and his videos on Instagram have been watched over 80 million times.

The actor started his movie career at a young age of 22, and has built a resume that rivals that of the biggest comedians. He is able to play a variety of roles, ranging from a recurring role in “Scary Movie” to a dramatic one. He is able to draw a large audience and engage them with his energy-packed performances. While his career has been mainly comic, he has also starred in many dramatic roles.

Chris Brown

It’s no secret that Chris Brown has a massive a follower base on Instagram. He is often seen posting videos of fans dancing to his songs, tagged in a red heart emoji. But not all of his fans want to be tagged. The singer is not above taking on other celebrities in the music industry. He has even deleted some of his Instagram posts, asking fans to tag him.

Despite his past problems, Chris Brown’s popularity hasn’t diminished in the least. In 2009, Brown was convicted of felony assault against Rihanna and sentenced to five years probation. The singer has also faced legal issues and a standoff with the police. The rap superstar’s massive a Instagram following shows that talent often trumps morals. While his fans have been vocal about their disapproval of his behavior, he has remained popular despite his criminal past.

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