Behind Fairchild Semiconductor Company

Many people have a certain view of computer accessories. Today, I will talk to you about the history of the CPU. The central processing unit of the computer. We know that the world’s most famous CPU companies are Intel and AMD. Do you know what is the most important component of CPU? It’s silicon. The main source of silicon is sand. It is surprising that substances extracted from sand can play such a big role in computers. 

How was the world’s first CPU born?

On December 16, 1947, the world’s first transistor was developed at Bell Lab. William Shockley, John Barton and Walter Bratton are known as the fathers of transistors. Human beings have launched a subtle change in information technology. Only this revolution will not erupt until many years later. The three scientists won the Nobel Prize in 1956. At this time, William Shockley left Bell Lab and founded Shockley Semiconductor Lab himself. Many talented scientists came here to carry out further research. There are many talented young people gathered here. But they have not made anything decent in one year. So eight different young people made a different choice. It changed the whole world to some extent.

“Eight Rebels” is another name for these eight energetic young people.

As a result, with the efforts of these eight people, they created Fairchild Semiconductor Company. This Company’s influence is serious. It has attracted many talents to devote themselves to technology. And the company’s technology is maturing day by day. In 1959, The Company submitted a patent on integrated circuits. Since then, Its revenue has shown explosive growth. With more money, uneven distribution arises spontaneously. Noyce Moore and Grove, who left the company and founded Intel. A year later, seven other employees founded AMD. So former colleagues became competitors in the industry.

Later, the competition between the two companies was fierce. They have satisfied the market demand for CPU chips. Although Intel has accounted for a relatively large proportion. AMD is slowly overtaking Intel with its unique technology and core architecture. Until today, AMD’s market share is not small either. Many computers on the market have introduced products equipped with Intel and AMD configurations. Such as HONOR Laptops, HP Notebooks, Lenovo Notebooks, etc.