All Businesses, Even Small Businesses, Need Technology

Greg runs a construction firm so he feels he doesn’t need to “learn computers.” He’s not sure if he has a list of current customers, much less a list of potential customers. All of his calls, personal and business, go to his cell phone with his voice greeting that you’ve called “The Gregorino” and family. If you call center automation recognize any of Greg’s behaviors in how you run your own small business, it’s time to bring your company into the 21st century

Improved Business Practices

There are so many programs and apps available to make business easier, and many can save money and even make more. Using technology in business practice makes tracking employees, payroll and government requirements something that takes a few minutes instead of a full-time employee.

As for tracking customers, even an old-fashioned Rolodex is better than a nonexistent system. Better still is using a customer relationship management application that allows business owners to track new leads, see what customers are calling about, and give ideas about what to upsell. 

Better Customer Perceptions

Not being tech-savvy is a problem that’s not uncommon, but one that can sink a business. Business owners ought to take the time to learn. Besides classes at colleges or specialists, check out tech classes and one-on-one help offered at a local library or search for YouTube videos.

Regarding the phone, it’s great if customers can always reach a business on the owner’s cell, but the voice message should be appropriately professional. Rather than using a personal line, purchase a dedicated business phone or look into internet-based VoIP. A personal line can cause missed business, potentially driving away customers who see a lack of technical skill as a reflection on a business as a whole.

The hypothetical Greg may think technology is scary, but without it, his business is going to be perceived as out-of-date or bumbling. A small investment of time and money can make a company competitive again.

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