What Happened To Jen Sackey


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what happened to jen sackey

What happened to Jen Psaki?

Here's what we know. What happened to Jen Psaki? She announced that she will leave her position in 2022. If you weren't familiar with Jen Psaki a few months ago, odds are you are now, The press secretary has been one of the main faces of the Biden administration since the president took office in January 2021.

Is Jen Psaki still in the White House?

JEN Psaki is the 34th White House press secretary, currently serving under the Biden administration. It has been speculated that Psaki plans to leave the White House. Why is Jen Psaki leaving the White House?

What happened to Ron Psaki CNN?

On February 7, 2017, Psaki began working as a political commentator on CNN. In November 2020, Psaki left CNN and joined the Biden-Harris transition team. Later that month, Psaki was named as the White House press secretary for the Biden administration.

Did Jen Psaki violate ethics law?

Biden press secretary Jen Psaki may have violated ethics law with comment on Virginia race, watchdog says. CNBC. Retrieved October 24, 2021. Cox, Chelsey (October 15, 2021). White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki accused of violating Hatch Act. USA Today.

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